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Huilerie de Chambarand

Chambarand oil mill

Presentation of the company

Since 2011 the Huilerie de Chambarand has specialized in the cold pressing of local oil seeds. Rapeseed and sunflower seeds are transformed into crude oils and high quality cake thanks to our only mechanical and gentle processes.

We are developing a regional tool to bring local value to the oilseeds in our region and to provide local and quality products to the food and energy sectors.


Huilerie de ChambarandPhoto de l'huilerie de Chambarand

2019/2022 investments supported by :

Partenaire huilerie Auvergne rhone-alpes Isere Fonds européens

HUILERIE DE CHAMBARAND 100 bis impasse Grandjean F-38940 ROYBON
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